If you have any questions not covered here, please email us at Info@RestAngles.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase RestAngles?

We are currently conducting Beta testing of our prototypes and are not offering RestAngles for purchase at this time. We would, however, love to have you join our treasured group of Beta Testers! Once you have been selected as a beta tester ( begin online application process here) you can pre-order a prototype for Beta testing by clicking on the “ Posture Hack My Life” button on our home page and entering your unique code provided to you in your congratulations email. RestAngles will be available for purchase upon completion of our Beta testing and our target product launch in March of 2020. Please sign up for our newsletter and/or like us on Facebook so you will be the first to know news about this exciting new product. We thank you in advance for joining our friendly RestAngles group.

What is popliteal height?

Popliteal height is the distance from the bottom of your foot to the area behind your knee. In the USA, the average popliteal height is between 15" and 19.9”. The average chair seat height is between 17” and 19”.

What can RestAngles do?

For folks who have a shorter popliteal height, it can be painful while sitting in chairs or seats designed for the elusive "average sized" person. This is because their popliteal height can not adjust to the height of many chairs and their feet dangle while their knees are pressed against the front edge of the seat. This puts pressure on their knees and pain is felt in their back, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet. However, it is true that even the “average sized” person with any length popliteal height can feel this pain. Those afflicted with the pain find that proper posture is more than likely quickly discarded while trying to find a comfortable sitting position. They often slouch so their feet can reach the floor. They can also be seen sitting cross legged up on the chair, sitting with one foot resting atop the other, or with their feet up on another chair or other prop (sometimes the armrest of the airline seat in front of them). It is often times difficult while sitting to be both comfortable and look professional and/or presentable in public places. RestAngles can help relieve some of the pain and social anxiety by providing a portable "posture hack" that will bring the floor to their feet. RestAngles folds to a flat position and is lightweight so it can be toted around anywhere. It will easily fit in a carry on case for traveling purposes. It can easily fit into a laptop case or backpack as well. It is easy to deploy and use.

How do I choose a RestAngles size?

We have three model sizes available for our Beta testing phase. (the names may change for the model designators) The Compact, The Original, and The Long. All RestAngles units are height adjustable in a variety of ways. To use the ¾” height option, simply put the unassembled unit under your feet. Each unit is height adjustable from 3” to 4” by simply moving the tabs into the cutouts. All units can be used in wedge form by assembling only one angle. Your model size choice will be purely personal preference. Take into consideration how you plan to use RestAngles the most. Please carefully select your desired model as we are placing our order with the prototype manufacturer based on your choices. Loose recommendations (as an example only) are The Compact will be perfect used for airline travel, The Original would be great to use under your desk and taken with you to the conference room for a meeting, and The Long would be for those folks that would like a little bit more room between their feet than the other two models would provide.

How much does RestAngles weigh and what are the size dimensions?

RestAngles is available in three different sizes for the Beta testing phase.

What is included when I order RestAngles during the Beta testing phase?

When you pre-order a RestAngles Beta testing unit, you will receive your desired unit, a reusable bag, a reusable cardboard box, Instructions for Use, and information regarding the next steps in the testing phase.

What is expected of me during the RestAngles Beta testing phase?

You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and adhere to the legalities in the agreement. You will be required to sign a Proprietary Materials Loan Agreement and adhere to the legalities in the agreement. You will need to commit to using the product, participate in surveys, and return the unit when requested.

What exactly is Beta testing?

Beta Testing is the test of a product by actual users in real life situations. Beta testing means the product is 80-90% complete and has plenty of room for improvement. Improvements to the product will be based on the suggestions, answers, comments, questions, critiques gathered from the survey answers of our Beta Testers. Our Beta testing phase will last for one month once your unit has been sent to you.

Can I give a RestAngles Beta testing unit as a gift to someone else?

Not at this time. Because we require that the Beta Tester sign legal documents, they must fill out the paperwork for themselves. You cannot enter into a legal agreement for another person.