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the IDEA

So there she was, sitting in coach class flying from Alaska across the Pacific Ocean to Antarctica, in pain again because her feet could not reach the floor and her legs were dangling off the edge of her seat. This dangling caused pain in her lower back, hips, and lower extremities. Her legs dangled because her popliteal height, the distance from the bottom of her feet to the area behind her knees, is only 15 inches. The average popliteal height in the United States is between 15 - 19.9 inches. Unfortunately, the average chair seat height is between 17 to 19 inches. That’s a two to four inch gap between the average seat height and the average popliteal height. 

Comfortable sitting posture happens when you can rest your feet can rest flat on the floor. RestAngles brings the floor to your feet!


RestAnglesTM is a U.S. patent pending cleverly designed footrest that folds flat for extreme portability. It’s nearly one piece design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. Though RestAngles was initially developed out of necessity as a travel accessory, its applications are endless as you can take it with you anywhere you want to sit! 

Airplanes, movie theaters, restaurants, conference rooms, classrooms, bars, crafting, sports stadiums, we can't wait for you to bring your RestAngles with you anywhere you wish to sit!




The idea for RestAngles is born!


Utility patent pending, awarded "Most Likely to Succeed as a Business Award" UAA chapter NAI, commercial prototyping commenced


Prototypes A and B are fabricated


Intent to Use Trademark issued, Alpha testing completed, Alaska Seed Fund Awardee and Beta testing begins


A design patent is issued


Final product launch!


Arctic Innovation Competition Semi-finalist


Stay tuned!

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Because both polar regions of the earth (the Arctic and Antarctic) are important in the story of RestAngles, our branding reflects the fabulous mix of colors those areas have in abundance. From here to there and everywhere in between, RestAngles is THE posture hack that brings the floor to your feet!  RestAngles, LLC will also strive to use sustainable packaging anytime it is possible to do so.